NOTEBOOK AND PEN  : to record  information and observations


ENVIRONMENTAL THERMOMETER : useful for determining the temperature inside the hospital cage or home-made incubator set up if a thermometer is not already built in.


SMALL ZIP-LOCK BAGS : used to hold samples, such as unusual droppings, vomited material, objects the bird has been chewing on etc.


TOWEL : for wrapping and securing your bird.


RUBBER GLOVES : for handling sick birds


PENLIGHT OR SMALL FLASHLIGHT : to enable better illumination so that the bird can be better evaluated.


MAGNIFYING GLASS OR JEWELERS LOUPE : provides magnification for evaluation.


SCISSORS : for cutting tape, bandages, strings or objects wrapped around the toes.


TWEEZERS : to pull or remove splinters or other materials.


WIRE CUTTERS : in case bird gets caught in chain or bell on toy.


NEEDLE NOSE PLIERS : to remove blood feathers, unbend chains or quick links that bird can get caught in.


NAIL FILE : to round off rough edges of cracked toenail or beak.


BIRD NAIL CLIPPER : to trim toenails.


BLOOD CLOTTING POWDER : such as Quick Stop or Styptic Powder. In a bind, flour or cornstarch can be used.


ANTISEPTIC TOWELETTES : use to disinfect hands. 


GAUZE PADS : for covering wounds or burns.


COTTON BALLS : for cleansing.


Q-TIPS : for cleaning out small wounds, swabbing out mouth, getting material out of mouth.


TOOTHPICKS : can be used to untie small knots.




ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT : ointments are typically not used topically in pet birds, however in certain instances, ointments such as Neosporin can be used for topical wounds. Use only with the direction of your Avian Veterinarian.


ALOE VERA : can be used for minor burns, be certain to get 100% pure Aloe Vera.


VET WRAP : available from veterinary supply, tape that has good holding ability and sticks to itself and not the skin, useful for bandaging.


MICROPORE TAPE : paper surgical tape, bandage material that can be used to hold gauze in place.


SYRINGES : can be used for oral feedings or flushing of wounds or eyes.


PEDIALYTE : used to hydrate dehydrated or stressed birds, be certain to keep checking the expiration date.


LIQUID CALCIUM : such as Calcivet ot Calciboost, in case of weakness due to long term egg laying behavior.


HEATING PAD/LAMP/HEAT SOURCE : used in hospital cage or home- made brooder to comfort sick bird.  


AVIAN VET NUMBER AND AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY BIRD CLINIC : so you have the number handy  when you need it.


LEG BAND CUTTER : in case your bird’s leg gets injured or trapped and the leg band needs to be removed quickly.

First Aid Bird Kit

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