Dangers To Your Birds

Regardless of wether your bird’s flight feathers are clipped or not, they are still plenty of dangers lurking around. Even clipped, your bird will be able to cover some distance and if outside, only a gust of wind is needed to carry him way behond your reach. You can train your bird to wear a flightsuit, or have an outside cage for him.

Inside the house, watch for boiling water, ceiling fans, toilets, open doors/windows.  

TOXIC FOODS : Avocado, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, mushrooms, onions, large amount of salt and sugar, pits of apples, apricots, plum and prunes, tomato and eggplant LEAVES. Peanuts in shell should be human grade and offered in moderation.

LITTER : made of walnut shells or corn cobs can be life threatening if ingested. We use newspaper to line the cages with.

WOOD SHAVINGS : Cedar and redwood are toxic (this includes CEDAR PLANK COOKING). Pine or aspen shavings can be used in nest boxes.

KITCHEN : Teflon and other non-stick cookware is deadly to your birds when overheated.......that includes irons, griddles, woks, waffle maker and so much more, so you should always check labels before buying. WE use stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, glass and silicone).  SELF CLEANING OVENS are deadly! Please bring your birds outside for the whole day if you are going to clean your oven with self cleaning and open all windows. Baking soda/water works well to hand clean your oven.  COOKING BAGS, especially those treated with PTFE, can be fatal to your birds (Durkee/Reynold’s cooking bags aluminum/plastic).

MATERIAL : lead, zinc, copper, iron found on some cages (galvanized wire in aviaries), toys, jewelry, coins.


CHEMICAL SPRAYS : pesticide, air fresheners(including plug-ins and car fresheners), hairspray, perfume (apply in another room or outside), furniture polish, starch, windex, carpet powder and spray(febreze), stainsafe.

PAINT : you can use a bird friendly paint such as Mythic Paint.

CANDLES : besides protecting your birds from the open flame you can use Soy candles in moderation and preferably in a different room. PINE SCENTED products should be avoided. 

HUMAN SALIVA : contains pathogens that are deadly to birds. Do not allow your bird to put its beak in your nose or mouth.

LIST OF SAFE/UNSAFE WOOD : http://www.mdvaden.com/bird_page.shtml

LIST OF UNSAFE PLANTS : http://www.birdsnways.com/articles/plntstox.htm

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