Diet & Care For Your Baby

Your baby is weaned on a diet of: 


-PELLETS: Zupreem FruitBlend (size M/L) that I soak in hot water at first then less and less as your baby’s beak gets stronger.


-SEEDS: Higgins Sunburst Conure


-FRUITS: (on skewers), apples and oranges tend to be favorites.




-SPROUTS: Mix of Brown rice, Green Lentils, Wheatberries, Mung Beans, Buckwheat Groats (organic that you can find at Job Lot).




-CUTTLEBONE & MINERAL BLOCK should always be available in the cage.

    Conures like to dunk and soften their pellets before eating them, so I do not train them to a water bottle. They might lodge food in the spout and clog the water bottle from dispensing water. They love to bath so I provide a Bird Bath (Lixit Quick Lock).


       Despite their small size, Green cheek Conures are very active and need room to thrive. I do recommend the cage to be a minimum of 26”wide x 20”Deep x 30”Tall. The bigger the better! The cage is an important investment that should be a comfortable, safe and fun environment for your baby. 


        Conures like to sleep in a Hut/Tent. I buy my tents from size small. They also like to shred paper so shreddable toys are great. They also need to exercise their beak so wooden toys are a must. They take great pleasure in chewing on easily destructible toys such as those made of foam and yucca wood.

WHAT YOUR BABY IS USED TO AND WHAT YOU SHOULD KEEP FEEDING FOR AN EASY TRANSITION:  (I provide you with 1 quart size of my mash when you pick up your bird).





 *This Mash has some variations depending on the items on hand/sale




        - COOKED & FRESH VEGGIES: ( broccoli, carrots, beans, corn, peas, cut green beans, baby lima beans, butternut squash, celery, kale, chick peas etc.). You can also add cooked diced zucchini, cooked sweet potato, mixed peppers, okra etc. You can also use frozen veggies (thawed prior to offering).        


         - FRUITS & NUTS: diced pineapples, apples, goji berries, pine nuts, sesame seeds, unsalted cashews & almonds, walnuts, dried cranberries.  



        - GOLDENFEAST CENTRAL AMERICAN PRESERVATION BLEND II (Cookable Food): a mix of starches, fruits, nuts & veggies..... 


        -VOLKMAN FEATHERGLOW BIRDEEZ BUFFET: a mix of grains, nuts & fruits.


I sometimes add QUINOA and COUSCOUS (both cooked), as well as CRUSHED RED PEPPERS. ORGANIC VIRGIN PALM OIL is also included in the mash (for the Vitamin A). I also add GROUND FLAX SEEDS or FLAX SEED OIL.


I make a big bash and freeze it in quart size zip lock bags (snack size for 1 Green Cheek or Crimson-bellied should last you 5-7 days). A couple of times per month, I mix in some scrambled eggs before serving. You can also sprinkle Ground Flax Seeds and Sprouts! 


Tip: Scrape some cuttlebone in the mash if your Conure doesn’t eat its cuttlebone...

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