Almost everyone interested in buying a baby bird ask me the same question : “Can I come and visit the baby”? As much as I understand how exciting getting a new baby bird is and how much fun it is to play with and cuddle that little ball of feather, I have to reply no. Here are the reasons why :


First, co-parenting also means that the parents have a big part in raising the chicks, and so they are protective and leery of strangers. Introducing people to the babies while in the parents care would only make the parents nervous, who in turn could direct their fear towards the babies and possibly injure them.  


Second, birds, especially babies, are susceptible to viral diseases that can be present on the shoes, bodies and clothing of well meaning visitors. You can be in contact with theses viruses by being near an unsuspected contaminated bird or just by going to the pet store to buy all your needs for your baby bird( which you will visit very often in preparing for the arrival of your new addition). Some of those viruses could kill not only the whole clutch but all my birds as well.


 Being a small private breeder, I also need to trust the people I allow inside my home. Only serious inquiries and countless email exchanges will allow me to learn more about a potential family for my babies. I reserve the right to deny the sale of a baby should I feel that the family/person is not suitable for one of my birds. Thankfully, I have only met wonderful understanding people!!


I do however provide the new family with regular update emails and pictures of their baby throughout the weaning stage until they are ready to go home. 

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