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Shiloh & Fabio



    I am a small private home breeder of  Green Cheek and Crimson-Bellied Conures. I specialize in CO-PARENTING ( I believe in letting the parents do the raising of the chicks to preserve the natural behavior of the avian species). I focus on handling & socializing the babies from the age of 3 weeks old until they are ready to go to their new home. They become tame and well-adjusted companions. I only breed one pair of Green Cheek Conures and one pair of Crimson-bellied Conures. The babies get all my attention and become tame, well adjusted companions.

You can learn more about Co-parenting in the ”Co-Parenting” page. I am located in Eastern Connecticut.


  My breeding Pairs are: 


Shiloh (Pineapple Green Cheek Conure) and Fabio (Yellow Sided male Green Cheek Conure). They are a beautiful color mutation and produce gorgeous Pineapple and Yellow-sided babies!! They are exceptional parents.


Sookie and Jasper are our stunning Crimson-bellied Conures. They usually have small clutches and produce healthy and beautifully colored babies. 


   I am a member of the AFA (American Federation of Aviculture) and hold Certifications for the Fundamentals of Aviculture Course I & 2.  I am very passionate about all  Avian Species and chose to breed Green Cheeks and Crimson-bellied for they small size and funny "big parrot" personality. They are great for first time parrot owners and around older children. 





  I guarantee my birds to be free of viral disease or congenital hatch defect.


  You need to have your bird examined by a veterinarian within 5 days following the time of delivery to activate your guarantee of a full refund/exchange in case of a health problem ( note : a possible mild growth of gram negative bacteria is normal and expected due to stress, mainly if flying ).


Shipping is available at buyer’s expense if Delta flies to your location in the USA.


Delta Pet First is $200 (that includes insurance, crate, perch & cups). 


* Until further notice, United PetSafe does not fly birds 

any longer.


Sookie & Jasper

                                           PRICE LIST


I accept Paypal (add 4% for Paypal Fees), or Venmo


Green Cheek Conure 

(Pineapple or Yellow-sided) : $ 450.00 ($200 deposit 

to reserve)


Crimson-bellied Conure : $ 700.00 ($300 deposit to reserve)




Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a different bird or clutch.



                              NO UNWEANED BIRD WILL BE SOLD 

                                  REGARDLESS OF EXPERIENCE !!



Here is what you get along with your baby:

  • DNA Certificate 

  • Hatch Certificate

  • Health Guarantee

  • 1 quart of my fresh food mash

  • Constant support before and after the baby has left the aviary


     The babies are raised in a non smoking environment.



UPDATED : 4/30/2020

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